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    Hello, I just got a Sam sung M540 from Telus and I have some questions about how it works. I have the knowledge of a 1 year old when it comes to babies, no scratch that, some even understand it more than I do. Please be simple because I do wish to solve my problems. Smile Thanks!

    1. Is there's a way to block internet usage from the phone. I don't have it covered on my plan and I do not want to pay extra by accidentally clicking something. I noticed that sometimes I click on some part of the menu and it goes into this world thing moving around - that's the same as going online, isn't it?! Also, how does the logo for online looks like on the top of the screen?!

    2. how can I transfer ring tones/Backgrounds from my computer to the ring tones/ Backgrounds of the phone? I do not wish to download any. I don't have a sms card, but I though any phone came with internal memory that at least allowed me to put some images and ring tones, music and whatnot from my computer into that one?!

    3. Where do they files sent by bluetooth are saved to? I've been trying to figure it out and I cannot locate the files I've sent from an old phone and supposedly saved in the phone anywhere.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Samsung M540! Help asap! D:

    Text automatically translated from: Spanish to: English
    past to find the files you have to get bluetooth then to alm to tools then to manage massive file and then you put the option if kieres k Kieras files selected external memory card and internal memory you will give the option Telephone

    will not be able to answer the other sorry

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    Text automatically translated from: Spanish to: English
    Abert hope helped
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