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    PLEASE HELP!!! I got the Rant and I want my own ring tone. I've downloaded some ring tones and transfered them to my phone but I can't seem to set them as the ring tone. I read the posts on several sites and a lot of them suggested the tutorial on Ventones.com. But the tutorial didn't help either. It says:

    1. Insert your memory card into your phone.
    2. Connect your data cable from Phone to PC.
    3. Your phone will give you the following options:

    Transfer Music
    Mass Storage
    Phone as Model

    4. Using Windows Explorer browse to your memory card's drive.
    5. Double click on the folder called DCIM in your memory card
    6. Double click on the folder that starts with 100
    7. This is the folder where you will need to copy and paste the file that we created for you

    Select the Ringtone Within Your Cell Phone
    Sprint Phones Must Do This

    1. Go to your Phone's Main Menu
    2. Click on Settings
    3. Scroll down and Click on Sounds
    4. Scroll down and Click on Ringer Type
    5. Scroll down and Click on Voice Calls
    6. Select Caller ID or No Caller ID
    7. Select Caller ID or No Caller ID
    8. Scroll to My Albums
    9. Select Memory Card
    10. Scroll until you see the the graphic of a young baby boy. That is the file
    11. Click on the top menu button called Assign

    All is more or less exact up to the point where it says to "scroll to My Albums". My phone does not have this option. Only :

    Ring Tones
    My Stuff
    My Videos

    What do I do now?

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    Last edited by mbus4188; 10-02-2009 at 03:37 PM. Reason: My question does not regard "free ringtones" but how to set ringtones!

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