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    Three new Samsung devices have been introduced to India and they are the: Guru 2120, which is pictured left, the Guru 2130 pictured center and the Guru 1160, which is pictured right. The Guru 2120 and 2130 both come equipped with cameras while the 1160 is a cheaper version.

    The 2120 has a 1.5-inch CSTN display, Bluetooth, VGA camera, center key that allows quick access to the music player, FM Radio with integrated antenna, GPRS, microSD card slot supporting up to 2GB, Mobile Tracker and a thing called Bike Mode.

    The 2130 has similar specs but has and added dual loudspeakers.
    The 2120 is priced at Rs. 3,240 whereas 2130 will go for Rs. 3,600.

    If you are a big talker, the Guru 1160 is targeted to those like you. It gives you more than 12 hours talk time and has a wireless stereo FM, dual loudspeakers and a torch. 1160 is priced at Rs. 2,249.

    via: Samsung introduces Guru 2120, 2130 and 1160 models in India | Samsung Hub

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    Re: Samsung Guru 2120, 2130 and 1160 for India

    I brought a Guru phone back to the US. Is there a way to use it with my Verizon service? I haven't asked Verizon yet.

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