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    I bought one 3 days ago and I'm very excited. I've never owned a phone with all of the features activated because I was prepaid before. I find, so far that it is buggy - in the sense that it can only process so much of my curious scrolling thru its features at a time and freezes. At times it continues to 'click' (noise it makes when you scroll, type and select items) even after its caught-up to my scrolling and allows me to select again. Maybe this is normal - I wouldn't know bc like I said before this is my first "cool" phone It operates on Windows Mobile 6.1. If you have any tips or suggestions regarding these issues I would be excited to hear them...

    My biggest concern are the cases. The universal case at the store allowed for a good fit for the phone WITHOUT the silicone cover. Does anyone know of another phone model, equal in size - apprx. 4 3/4" tall - that I could use in my search for a wallet pouch case/holster? I'd like to purchase a hard rhinestone case and am sure this will make it larger too... In the meantime I dug up some of my old Palm cases and will use them for now...

    Thank you so much! -M

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    Re: Samsung Code i220 - MetroPCS

    I as well just bought the samsung code. And i realized too, that it lags. When you go into your start menu, and you click on, lets say settings for example, does it freeze? I noticed, that when it first started happening, i could turn my phone off and then turn it back on, and it would go away for a short time. I would recommend doing the same thing im about to leave to do shortly, and go to a corporate store, and see if they have any further information. I know you have to search for updates and whatnot, but if you cant even get to the menu without it freezing, then how can you update it? However, if your ok with it lagging, then so be it. But its a very new phone, so taking it in to get its updates or any information to make the lagging stop, thatd be better and good for your phone.Tee.

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