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    Hello. I bought a Samsung Sync (A707) about 2 years ago. I dropped it on the street and didn't notice it was there until I came back 2 hours later, to find it in pieces. I tried to fix it, but nothing worked. I have a different phone now, but I have LOTS of pictures on that phone that I would really love to have (baby pictures, lots of everything). Basically if it can't be fixed, it's no loss to me, but could anyone recommend where to start to find out what went wrong and try to fix it? The phone did not get wet when it fell, it just fell a few feet and never turned back on. Please help if you can!


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    Re: Help me fix Samsung Sync! Please!

    Hi Kristin,

    I notice that your post is a few months old, but just thought I would see if you were able to find a solution to pull your pictures off of your old phone? If you're still looking for help give us a call at 817-361-8254!

    Hope to help!
    Your friend @ fixitfastcellular.com

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    Re: Help Me fix Samsung Sync! Please!

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    Hi Kristin,

    For devices that are damaged, stuck, wet, as in your case, there is a highly recommended tool with which you can save the data and pass them to a pc. Simply search for FonePaw Extraction of Data Android Damaged on Google and you can find their page official. Download the trial version for free and try it. Sure that will serve a lot!

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