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    The Samsung S5230 Star Tocco Lite is packed with features. It is far more intelligent, making it the ultimate companion that is always one step ahead. It features gesture lock, wherein unlike a standard or average phone, which unlocks to the main menu every time, you can unlock the Star to a designated menu, by simply writing the letter associated with it on the touch screen.

    The Samsung S5230 Star Tocco Lite also has an accelerometer sensor, which means no matter which way you hold it, it will adjust the screen so the content is readable, this is ideal for horizontal or vertical cases and even your pocket, in that sometimes you may pick up your cell phone backwards/sideways. In addition to the ease of use, it features handwriting recognition, which allows you to write on the screen as an alternative to pushing buttons...

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    Re: Samsung S5230 Star Tocco Lite

    This is a fantastic phone

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