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    Does anyone have any information about how to get free games for the Samsung Rogue?

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    Re: Free Games for the Rogue

    I know how to. It'd be called hacking though. Basically you download the whichever game from the Verizon media center, and it downloads, You connect the phone to BitPim, then navigate to the filesystem, and backup the whole brew folder. After your done, restart the phone, then go and cancel the subscription for that game. Then double check that you canceled subscription so you won't get charged monthly, then go into BitPim again, and restore the brew folder. So you will overwrite all the files. And then, restart the phone again, and then there. You got the game. Free and unlimited. You can do that with any app. Like mobile email, VZ navigator etc.

    HOWEVER, this currently won't work b/c BitPim doesn't support the Samsung Rogue yet. And you have to use "Other CDMA phone", and that results in an directory blocked error.

    So don't try this yet. B/c it won't work. I'm trying to figure out a way to bypass the directory block in BitPim. Maybe use a different program to backup the brew directory like QPST or Brew apploader. But I'll see. If itll work, I'll obviously let you know. If not, then I guess we'd have to wait until BitPim released a new version which hopefully will include support for the Samsung Rogue.

    If it does, then yey! But have in mind, getting VZ Navigator and other apps like Mobile email, and weather, etc.. will still use data. And you'll be charged for it. But anyways when you have the Rogue, you should have the 25MB/75MB limit, or like me - getting the Connect plan which is only $10 higher if you already had the Select plan. So yeah. Better to get the Connect plan instead of the 25MB for $10. Lol.

    However you won't be charged monthly for the subscription fee. Which is obviously what we're trying to hack here. lol.

    Anyway I'll keep you updated.
    Btw, you might wanna check out this thread:
    h X X p://
    (Change the X's to t's and remove the spaces)

    and look at my last posts.

    Quote Originally Posted by druidath View Post
    Does anyone have any information about how to get free games for the Samsung Rogue?
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    Re: Free Games for the Rogue

    Has anyone figured out how to access the locked files/folders on the Rogue?

    Please e-mail me if you have.

    pulse732 at yahoo

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    Re: Free Games for the Rogue

    For download Games best option is internet many websites are available just download according to interest and enjoy it.

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