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    Hey all ! My first post ! Sadly, for a bad reason...

    I have a Samsung A523 phone on Telus... The warranty just expired last month (of course) and now my speaker doesn't work... Let me explain.

    I flip up the phone. I dial. The timer appears, so i know the call is connected. But I can't hear anything... No dial tone, no voice, nothing. I tested it with my home phone, and the other person can hear me, but i cannot hear them... Except...

    When i activate loudspeaker mode, still no go... except if i flip the phone down (normally hangs up, but when speaker is on, it doesn't). When the phone is closed (flipped down), the speaker works.

    Is there any way to open up the phone and fix the possibly corroded contact ?

    Or another solution ?

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    Re: Samsung A523 Speaker Broken

    It sounds like the speaker is shot - if you can find a new speaker for the phone and have the soldering skills to take old one out and put new one in, it's worth a try. It's either that or a new phone.

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