My mom has a Moto Razr since forever and want to get her a Samsung propel for Christmas. On the ATT website it says that it is free.

We are on a family plan. I want to get this phone for her but just to use it as a phone so no internet text messaging and all that... It says on the ATT website this:

Two-year contract required. Mail-in rebate requires activation on a $20 or higher data or messaging plan.Feature can be canceled at any time.

Know about the 2 years contract that is fine... but would I need to pay this $20 because its not a new activation phone and Im not getting her a data or messaging plan? When I click on place order I see that I dont need to pay for anything. Just dont want to pay more hidden stuff so making sure.

So I know it is free and I see that there is an $18 one time upgrade fee. but will that be it? Just wondering if anyone else has done this and find other charges on the next months bill. thanks

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