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    Samsung has launched six new music earphones in South Korea. The EP380, which comes with a body design that is styling and several color choices and the EP340, which brings you the quality sound and affordable price as well as the EP380, are the entry-level earphones.

    The EC410 are in-ear earphones has a decent audio output and comes with noise reduction that gives you an equal balance of bass and treble. The EC410 are geared more to the women who love a cute design.

    If you love the bass in music, the the EFE310 would be your choice as it comes with a removable clip that gives you that perfect fit.

    The EP500 music earphones has a silver hairline design and is geared more to those looking for a style.

    The EH600 earbuds has the best sound quality and comes in three different sizes of ari cushions to fit all ears. The EH600 has more of a hybrid design.

    These earphones are available now Yepp Brand Shop.

    via: Samsung launches six music earphones in South Korea | Samsung Hub

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