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    I remain quite ignorant of commonly used terminology that everyone seems to take for granted...

    I've studied the "Lock" and "Screen Lock" comments in the very long PDF manual for the SGH-a887 (Solstice) phone. The manual fails to assume that the reader may not have the slightest idea of what these terms actually mean or what the functionality of these concepts may be.

    Could someone guide me to a URL that describes why these functions are important, and how they should be used properly.

    Right now I'm being constantly annoyed by being told to unlock or lock this or that... with no idea as to why I should need or want to.

    See More: Screen Lock Feature?

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    Re: Screen Lock Feature?

    Most newer phones have a button lock and a screen lock to prevent the phone from calling someone while its in your pocket or case.
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    Re: Screen Lock Feature?

    Both "button" and "screen" lock? My Samsung seems to have only one lock button on the top right hand edge. Also, there's the comment that after a short period of no use, an "automatic" lock is invoked --- what does this mean in practical terms.

    I am not young; but I have an extensive scientific background. But I find it unconscionable that I should automatically have a complete understanding of all that "lock" actually entails!

    I just want to find a clear language description of what, why, and when to accept the feature!

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