Is 4:34am and im so F.... pissed off at the fact that i cannot add a single custom ringtone to my new cell, for everything is that my device is full, and that's the part that i dont get, that why if i had a cheaper phone before i could take everything from my memory card and not waste the cellphone one, i cant add ringtones for nothing, not caller id, no a main ringtone, i cant display on photos my storage pictures everything has to be part of MY DEVICE folder to work! i really dont freaking get it, why such i simple task it has become such a big fact for me on this cellphone, now days every freaking cellphones takes all from the memory card why this one doesnt want to! I Reset the cell, format the memory card, and nothing happens, like the phone but this is really fu#$% killing me.......HELP PLEASE

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