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    I apologize in front if there's a similar topic, I've done my search and tried to read most of the 38 pages of topic and didn't come up with anything like this. My model is Samsung S5200; I installed the Samsung new PC studio (which I got on a disk) and tried to copy all the messages from my inbox to my PC. It worked, I did manage to copy the messages, but in an unknown format (to me) - NEF (nero encrypted file). All the messages are packed as one and when I try to open them (and read), Nero back it up opens. I'm not that good with computers, and I've tried googling a way to open the files and store them in notebook (preferably, because it's the easiest way to read them whenever I want to) but didn't manage.
    If anyone can help me and explain another way of copying my inbox, I'd appreciate it. By the way, I've tried the simple copy/paste, but it ends up in .NEF extension again. I've read somewhere that NEF is primarily associated with 'Nikon Digital SLR Camera' and I have a Nikon camera with Nikon photoshare and Picture project installed, does that, perhaps, have anything to do with messages being places in .nef extension?

    Thank you in front

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    Re: How to copy imbox messages to PC

    but how did u copy d messages to PC studio??
    can u tell me d procedure? pleese?

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    can u tel me the procedure how did u cpry your msgs to samsung PC studio??

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