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    Couple of years ago, I had a sony ericsson mobile named W200i. It had a game called treasure towers 3d. I used to love that game. But I lost my phone and I then bought a Samsung SGH J250 phone. I downloaded a .jar file via internet and then converted it into .jad file. I sent both of these files to my phone in other files folder. When I installed the game through .jad file, it started and then it said 'JAVA game error'. My phone does support Java. I dont know this for sure but I can tell because I do have couple of java games in my phone which work completely fine.

    So, after all that, I downloaded another .jar file via internet. I did all same. The game started and surprisingly it didnt say java game error. But when it started it said loading. It couldnt play. The picture was still. I had to exit the game. I was so close but I failed....

    PLS Some one help!!! i really need to play that game. Its marvellous. Especially the sound.....

    Thanks in advance...


    See More: pls HELP!! How do I download this game on my Samsung SGH-F250???
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