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    Hey everyone, I have recently had my car broken into for the second time now (most likely the same people) And each time they've stolen items with nothing but HUGE sentimental value to me. One was a gift from a friend who has passed away, and the other was an item from my fiancee.

    Now, each time they've broken into my car they taken everything worth value (only two things i care about). Fortunately for me, the last time they broke into my car, they were sloppy and they dropped their cellphone. It's a Samsung sch-a630 from telus. The phone is completely locked and my only option is too make an emergency call. I need to find a way to unlock the phone or make a phone call to myself so i can see the number. ( i live in a small town, theres not too many people here)

    What are my options here? I need to figure out who did this, all i want is those two items back.

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    Re: Car broken into, thief dropped phone(samsung sch-a630)

    Why do you still have the phone? Report it to the police so they can do an investigation. They'll be able to access who the phone belongs to.

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    Re: Car broken into, thief dropped phone(samsung sch-a630)

    Agree with Tavenger, they can have the phone's IMEI number trace to the owner.

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