i'm sorry about the repost, i've just received no replies. i'm not looking for a solution necessarily. i'd just like to know if anyone has had similar issues with this phone

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i bought a Samsung Finesse for metropcs a couple of weeks ago and have since discovered some serious issues with it's functionality.

1. when the text view is set to 'chat', it'll cut off longer texts
2. when i try to add contacts to group from the group menu, it won't add anyone. i have to go to my contacts list and add them one at a time.
3. if i go to my contacts list and tap the text icon next to the name, it'll bring up the keyboard
and let me type a text. but when i try to send it, it'll say 'no reciepients added' every time.
4. i hit [messages> send message> text message> group> *group name*> select all> add] but when it gets back to the list of recipients, there's no one there. it won't add anyone from the group menu at all. i can't send texts to entire groups.
5. if i succeed in creating groups, it'll randomly delete group entries a few days later.

does anyone else have any of these problems with this phone? these are MAJOR issues and i'd just like to know if this is a problem with all finesse phones or just mine.


i've figured out the issue but can't seem to be able to figure out how to resolve it:
the phone will only allow me to add multiple mobile phone contacts but not email contacts. the problem is that it seems to think that most of my contacts are email contacts when they're not. i've only two email addys in my 108 person contact list yet it sees most of them as emal contacts (if you go to 'add recipient" in the text menu, you'll see either a red phone or an @ symbol denoting the type of contact). how do i change everyone to a mobile contact?
issue three is just the opposite. it works if it's an email contact but not if it's a moblie contact. strange...
issue one is still unresolved...

this phone cost WAY too much to be this buggy. and i've gone over my talk-time limit as far as a refund goes :-( :-( :-(

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