I fell in love with ‘Corby’ at first sight because of its unique and refreshing color. I’ve tried many phones with different colors but none of them were quite satisfactory. Maybe because I’m a male, most of my phones were modern colors such as black or gray rather than colorful ones. No longer that young, I was also conscientious that the eye-catching vivid color may seem out of place… But the moment I laid eyes on the picture of ‘Corby’, I instantly screamed “Wow! This is gorgeous!” So, as soon as the phone hit the store shelf, I bought one. I’ve used it for a week now and quite satisfied. Putting all things aside, I enjoy the stare of passers-by when I take out the phone. They will comment on the design and compliment the phone. I bought a yellow one which stands out dramatically in contrast to the black handset. A friend of mine even said that the color harmony reminds of a honeybee, leaving him honey sweet. 
A few features that are different from existing touch screen phones. First, you can do zooming with only one finger. If you place your finger on the image and move it up and down, the zooming changes. Another feature I find really convenient is the access to Facebook and Twitter with widget. I had envied friends with iPhone because they could do Twitter anywhere and anytime. Well, now I can use Twitter 24-7!
‘3D Motion Photo’ is a function that really fascinated me. ‘3D Motion Photo’ gives a 3rd dimension to the flat 2D image and gives it life… do you follow me? Until I read the manual, I had no clue what this function would do. You will be totally surprised if you try it out. It converts a 2D portrait into a 3D image. Well.. I guess this doesn’t help much, either. If there is anyone around you who use Corby, ask the person to do a demo for you. Take a picture of a friend and with a few steps, you can create the 3D version… the person’s facial expression will change like a 3D animation as if alive when you move the handset. You can move the eyes and mouth as you wish with a touch. Really.. like a real living picture!! If you have a hard time believing this, then take a look at this
I also bought a Bluetooth headset. It wasn’t like I HAD to have it because I’ve never used it in my live but… while looking up press coverage on Corby, I discovered WEP490. The product has the same design concept as ‘Corby’ and I thought it would go nicely with the handset. The two have identical style! Samsung is quite successful in opening my wallet. The next thing I knew, I was standing with the headset in one hand and the credit card receipt on the other. Well… talking over the phone for more than an hour with my girlfriend always left my hands and ears sore… Although an impulsive purchase, I think the headset will be quite useful. Yesterday, I chatted with my girlfriend while lying down and reading a book. Sure, my girlfriend will be furious if she found this out. She would never dream that I would be doing something else while talking over the phone, haha! I guess I’ve been too generous about the product. There are shortcomings as well. First of all, lack of fun applications. Quite a lot of widget is provided as default and you can connect to online widget for more but it’s not that satisfactory. After all, it’s not a smart phone.
Planning to buy Corby? Then, spend a bit more and buy WEP490 together. It makes for a fabulous combination!

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