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    I am not able to call the second party directly from the phone book.
    It is either possible only from recent calls list or from the manual key in of the second party number.in other phones, during call we can go to phone book and there will be a dial option which directly places first call on hold and dials second call and from there you can select join to conf them.In GT-S5603 (Star touch 3G) I am able to go to PHONEBOOK menu during call, but there is no DIAL option available there, I can just view the number of someone in phonebook. Even going to MAINMENU is not possible during call so that I can directly go to phonebook and dial other number.

    Also noticed that there is a difference in the PHONEBOOK that normally comes up and the PHONEBOOK during call.
    Normal PHONEBOOK will have green buttons (phone symbol) next to them so that it can be diled, but the PHONEBOOK during call will not come up with these green phone symbols, so it means that such call is not allowed somehow.

    Any help is appreciated.

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