This new to me, so please bare with me if I'm in the wrong forum.

I have a Samsung Sgh-A777 Lime cell phone. At&t is my provider. Last week my phone rang, I did not take the call, so it went to voicemail. The next day I checked my minutes online and there is no record of an incoming call from the night before.

I waited a couple of days for the call to appear on my statement, but it never did. It's been six days since that incoming call and still nothing.

Last night I received 3 more calls and same thing, 1 of the calls appear- the other 2 do not?

I am aware that this phone has a reject list capability. That the phone does not take the call, but redirects it to voicemail. To the best of my knowledge I've never utilized the reject list. Mind you, each time this happens the phone does ring, the phone is accepting the call, not redirecting it to voicemail.

So my question is why are these phone numbers or any other indication that there was a incoming call, not showing up on my statements (minutes used)? However, when I check my voicemail, that call to my voicemail does appear on minutes used. Is this an error on At&t's behalf, or have I change a setting on my phone that I am not aware of?

Thank you in advance,


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