I'm not sure if this was posted already, but I was wondering how I could get free ringtones on my phone. I've tried different websites, they send me the link to the ringtone, but all I can do is play it and not save it. They've sent me the files, but they weren't attached to the text message. I've saved it in my DCIM folder as a .mp3. I went to settings>sounds>ringer type>with caller id and the only options I got was My Ringtones, Melodies and My Content. The only thing that shows up in "my content" would be the ringtone that I actually purchased myself. So any help with how I can get the ringtone to work on my phone?

I've also transferred it to "my sounds" album, but it won't let me set it as the default ringer. I'm not sure what the "upload" option is.

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