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    I have a question for you techies. I know that changing MEID/ESN is VERY ILLEGAL, BUT I may have a cheating wife and want to know who she texts for hours on end and what she is texting about and catch her in the act. I would appreciate it if you keep the snide remarks and the "you should just leave her" stuff to yourself. If she is not cheating, but merely having a crisis and doesn't want me to know about it and wont tell me, then I want to be able to work it out. SO, with that being said. I want to know how I could receive the same texts she gets, preferably not illegally but I am willing to go that route to find out. Thanks!

    Desperate here!

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    Re: A little help here, please!

    Cyberwarriorspy61 @ gmail. com]
    Please contact him now
    I saw his review once on loveshack, I was frustrated and tired but I decided to try him out only to find out he was a certified hacker and penetration tester , I talked to him that I needed to spy on my wife's phone cos it's so hard to do that here in Japan but this guy helped me hack into my wife's phone and I was able to see all her activities and I found out she was a cheat, I also used his help to track some scammers who stole my money long before I met him, please contact him he is a great guy, and trust him to help you on any hack related problems you've got

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