Ive had my slash for 2 days now and its everything I predicted it would be. I did alot of research before I bought it but there are other things that I wouldnt find out about it until i bought it.
If you own a Slash plz confirm my peril.

I have two questions:

1.Does anyone else have the problem of the text tones volume staying the same no matter what you change the vol. to? yes ive check individual settings under sounds/volume. The ringtones are loud but the text tones stay quiet.
Help me out here.

2.When I plug the phone in to charge it the screen/backlight never goes out!!!WTF
It stays lit up!! Dim but still lit up. And if I have a screensaver on then it just stays dim in screensaver mode. Anyway to set the screen/backlight to off when a chargers plugged in? Im sure ive check every display option on this phone.
Did I miss something???

Go easy on me.
Help a noob plz!!!
Theres no good info on the net pertaining to my questions.

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