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    Hey, im new to the forums =] so i got a quick question, I got a Go Phone WIth unlimited talk and text, and i just recently swapped the sim into an impression (works flawlessly) Now that i think of it, i got two issues.. First, can someone please tell me whats the deal with Internet broswing? Do i have to pay more?? It wont even connect. And also, my multimedia message has suddenly turned off, i cant send/recieve, pics, audio messages. etc.. It just suddenly stopped, I have not called atnt yet, but this happened before with my iphone. Some how they turn off features like idiots. idk...But i plan on in the future to buy another 3gs and stick my sim in it, i know how to confirure the network profiles, but why dont i have internet now? Why? cost more? And when i put it in an iphone, will it be 3G speeds?

    Update: I just realized that With Prepaid Plan gophone you get unlimited web right? As of now i dont have multimedia messaging or web, it does not work, so they must have disabled my data plan?? So if im right, i should call in, fix that, and when i get my iphone it will be 3G web broswing? 100mb per month is not enough...

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