Hi I'm new to this forum.

I have two issues with my new Samsung Omnia II i8000 from Bell Mobility in Montreal.

1. From what I heard: Bell Mobility requested that Samsung remove the Voice Recognition feature that is part of Windows 6.5 which allows for hands-free dialing. I suppose they are encouraging the use (and purchase) of a third party application or widget...anyone know of a voice recognition phone application that works with this phone...I'm sure anyone with a Galaxy or a Omnia I would have this app.

2. When I use Microsoft Active Sync ver 4.5 and synchronize with Windows Media Player (ver 11) the album cover pictures are not all transfered. I have about 90% of my album and music pictures however only 10% are visible....yet when I explore: \My Storage\*Album Name*\, the jpegs for most of the albums are there yet they are not being displayed by the phone when using Media Player....any ideas...Could it be that the Album picture is too small? Should I try copying them again manually?

Any takers?

BTW- Not impressed with this phone....Apple iphone is still a superior product IMHO.

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