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    I have finally managed to get my Gmail sent to to my A177 through my Hotmail account, but I can only send Hotmail to the Gmail addresses, not Gmail.

    It gives me the big email options of: AOL (?) Bellsouth (?) Yahoo mail (works sometimes), Comcast (hasn't worked yet) Hotmail (ok, but not for business) and here's some funny ones for you:
    Juno, Earthlink, MIndspring, Netzero..... this phone is from the 1990's! Hello! It's 2010-Any updates available? If there are, AT&T isn't posting them on their site.

    Anyway, how can I get Gmail to and from the A177, as real Gmail. I tried the tricks Gmail offers for forwarding (see above-using Hotmail to receive). Maybe it's a real POP mail issue. I think this cell needs to be updated by Samsung more than anything. Please help. I don't want use Hotmail addresses on my resume.

    Thanks much!

    See More: Help- Gmail on A177
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    Re: Help- Gmail on A177

    I say try google's java app, seems to be good! Surely will be much better than the awful garbage Samsung has preinstalled.


    Best of luck,

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