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    I have two Samsung U800 (Soul-B) phones, each one equipped with a 8GB Kingston memory card.

    Both phones exhibit the same problem: If i take the memory card out to move files around (on the computer, via card reader) and then put the card back into the phone many of my files will not be "visible" from the phone's menu.

    The files are there alright, when i try to move a file with the same name into a folder where such "invisible" file is located the phone complains "file name in use", so it KNOWS that the file is there but refuses to show it.

    It does not matter if i format the card in the phone, on a Linux-computer or on a Windows-computer, the problem is always the same.

    It happens with both phones which have different firmware versions (one is about a year older than the other).

    Is there any way to solve this issue? Samsung themselves ignore all e-mails, at least i have never gotten any reply from them after asking them multiple times already.

    Kind regards.....


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    Re: U800 Soul-B memory card issues......

    irgendwie hat das handy generell einige macken. sorry war jetzt nicht hilfreich

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