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    Cell Phone
    Samsung Omnia II SCH-i920
    Text automatically translated from: Spanish to: English
    a month ago that I have this phone replacing my HTC Diamond 2 and I think it's a delay. Cut when you send a long sms, you have to change three screens to add a recipient from your address book, not ETA approved for real mail, the text is too big and can not see how many messages you have in your inbox the mail, will not let you send sms to other phones for a contact that are not recorded as SMS (for example tranajo2 etc) ... youtube is a delay compared to the htc, but I'm very unhappy I have to stay for a bluetooth compatibility issue with my car ... but if I threw my sea depended ... who the hell designed this interface to load the windows for some things and not others. ..

    Also I have not been able to find a manual or English ... for Flip. If what you want is a tool to work and not to tie or take photos or buy some for yourselves no way in hell ... in my case is a gift but if you could go back to my HTC

    Someone can make me change my mind? Rectify if this is a solution ... which is something ... and I have more kinks ...

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    Re: Samsung Omnia II very disappointed

    me too, disappointed me.

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