I sent two feedback emails in the last month to verizon requesting fixes for various things such as the browser and such.

Today I recieved a surprising call from verizon stating they are forwarding my message to the marketing department. The rep stated many people have contacted verizon about the rogue and what people felt needed improved. She also stated they wanted to make sure the rogue works for the things we use it for and make sure the rogue pleases their customers. I was under the impression that they are working on fixes and improvements.

Heres what I need from you. Please go on verizons website and send them a feedback e-mail from the contact us section on your complaints and suggestions for improvements. If folks continue to request the product be improved, the better the chance the issues will be fixed with a software update.

Heres some of the things I sent them
1. I asked that the browser be improved or replace with one comparable to the iphones safari or opera mini. A browser that is more compatible with websites and can stream video and audio from more sites than the very limited ones now.

2. I suggested full flash instead of flash lite for more online video and website compatability.

3. I suggested the ability to add widgets.

4. support for internet radio such as pandora

5. More apps, free apps as well.

6. New themes, we are stuck with the verizon default. It would be nice to change themes

I'm sure everyone would like to see something with this phone improved. Almost all the problems or otherwise can be fixed with a software update. If there willing to look into fixing things, we should keep the ball rolling.

Thanks guys and gals

BTW I'm Dan and I'm new on this forum. Howdy!

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