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    Hey guys,

    I need some help and i cannot find any thing else anywhere... Just a simple question really...

    Phone details:

    Samsung SGH-a437 (No longer made that i know of)
    Branded: ATT
    Unlocked Using on T-Mobile network

    Alright, The question i need answered is...

    Is it possible that the phone wont charge due to the battery?

    I disassembled my phone to take a look at the charger port and see if anything was in there... I cleared out the dust and whatnot as i removed the cover (It was annoying)

    I plugged the charger in and the screen flashed white alot (Problem with my phone, If the phone is NOT on it will show the whitescreen and vibrate uncontrollably) and then when to the charging screen for less than a second before looping white and charger screen...

    I stick the battery back in, and plug the charger in and i get absolutely nothing, even when i turn on the phone it doesnt acknowledge that its charging nor does it charge.

    So. Is it possible that the battery is at fault for this or am i gonna end up replacing my phone...

    Any help would be appreciated...

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    Re: Problem with Samsung SGH-A437

    on my childs phone I went to set up a lock on t nite and its says enter old code and I never set it up and my son said he didnt either
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    Re: Problem with Samsung SGH-A437

    Similar problem with my phone - though it's ATT and I don't get a white screen, I get the ATT logo flashing. Some times the battery icon displays but it always has zero juice. Thinking the battery is toast, but will bring it back to the ATT store and have them confirm before I just buy another battery.

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    Re: Problem with Samsung SGH-A437

    The Samsung SGH-A437 is reported to have a lot of problems with its functionality. But still you can try to replace the battery of your device and check out whether it still has the same problem taking in charge.

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    Re: Problem with Samsung SGH-A437

    The vibrating thing sounds like water damage.
    Leave the battery out for a few days to let it dry.
    Gooogle 'wet phone'
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