Like a lot of other people, I assumed that Samsung cell phones with memory cards would allow for easy loading of ringtones to the phone via a data cable. Sprint does NOT like to support this, as they would rather you pay a freaking fortune for their ringtones as well as the monthly charge for internet access from your phone. After searching my a** off and going through countless BS sites, I finally figured out how to actually convert a short MP3 to the proper format, transfer it to the phones memory card and assign it as a ringtone. So, if it has already been published in the forum, sorry about repeating info, but here it is:
1, Download a free app called ApecSoft 3GP Flash Video Converter. Google it and you will find the site.
2. Use it to convert a short MP3 (under about 25 seconds or so) to 3GPP. Under the "video" section, set "Disable Video" to true.
3. Once the conversion process is complete, transfer the 3GPP file to the memory card to folder DCIM\100SSMED.
4 From your phone, go to "settings", "sounds", "ringer type", "incoming calls", "contacts entries", "all contacts", "my videos", "in memory card". Maneuver to the file you created and hit "assign".
That should do it. Spring/Samsung have conspired to make what should be a simple process, a freaking headache, assuming that most would either use the installed ringers or pay through the nose for the ability to transfer ringtones VIA the internet. Hope this helps and if the info has already been published, forgive me for not finding it.

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