I just got a Samsung Mythic cell phone and downloaded Google Maps. It works great, except I get a screen asking if it's ok to x-fer data every 5 seconds or so. The phone acts like it doesn't know that I've got unlimited internet access.

The really strange thing is that my wife has the same phone with the same software updates and the same data plan, but the data x-fer request only shows up once, when she first gets into Google Maps.

I took the phone into the ATT store just down the street. They spent about an hour on the phone with tech support, swapped out my phone with a new one, swapped out the SIM card and micro SD card with my wife's phone's SIM card and micro SD, but still couldn't get it to work.

Any ideas?

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Found the answer:

"thanks alot for the link. Although trying what it said still didnt work, i manage to find other informatiuon regarding it and now it finally works fine. You send a txt message with your number on the google mobile maps webpage. When you click on the link on your phone, it says it will download but its an unsigned version(which is what i had and kept cauing that message to pop) You must get the "SIGNED" version. I kept hitting cancell and retried it about 5-7 times untill it gave me the signed version that now works with no annoying pop up message. Only once at start and then its good to go. Thanks again and hope this helps others who had the same issue."

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