I have loved my Blade for several years (I don't do change well LOL) and have had no problems but maybe it is hosed now? A couple of days ago I picked it up to make a call and it said it was getting a network update. So I used another phone. The next night I tried to call my husband when I was locked out of the house and it would not connect! It ran out of charge really fast, too.

It seems to have gotten worse -- now it won't even make a call while it is on the charger, and if I try, it shuts itself off to charge some more. Got that network message again yesterday when I tried to answer it. So I have a bunch of missed calls now, but I can access my voicemail from other phones, at least.

So, is it time to get a new phone or would a new battery fix my problems? The Sprint store wants $100 just to look at it, though that would include a new battery if that is the problem.

TIA -- Seabiscute

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