Man I bought the Rogue back in December and it is hands down the absolute worst phone I have ever used. The high ratings blow my mind. Does anyone else feel this way?

I have used keyboards on past cell phones and never had a problem. When texting on this phone, my words ALWAYS get messed up. Which is funny because I like the feel of the keyboard. It just doesn't type well at all.

When I put my phone on silent it STILL makes noise. If I leave a text conversation open and that person texts me the phone makes a beep noise. When the phone is dying I understand it has to alert me but it makes a beeping noise even though phone is on silent. When being on silent mode I expect no sound to come from the device. This is the worst when my phone is dying at work and I am walking around with it beeping. Such a nuisance.

I am sure this is the phone and not verizon. I have never had this many failed text messages and I have had Verizon for almost 3 years now. Sometimes I'll be texting 3 people at once and I am wondering why no one responded. I check the conversations and every message I sent to an individual person did not send. This consistently happend multiple times a week,

It randomly reminds me in the middle of the night (it's favorite time to do it) that I have voicemails. This would make sense if someone just called me and left a message but no one did. It seems to remind me whenever it wants at random times. Has woken me up on many occasions.

I am already sick of this phone. It seems more of a burden to have it than anything. I know you are all going to suggest that I go to Verizon and get a new one but that will not help. A lot of the things I mentioned are part of the phone (keyboard, making noise).

Thanks for letting me rant. I needed to get it out to someone!

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