hey guys. i used to have a pda phone back in 06-07 that ran on windows mobile 5, and i got very good at using it. i had activesync set up and all that. so when I got the samsung code (sch-i220) yesterday I didn't even think it would be possible I was going to have problems with activesync.

i installed the latest activesync that came with the CD. i am running Windows XP SP3 with all the updates, bells and whistles. the phone comes with Windows Mobile 6.1.

if i have the USB settings set to activesync, when i plug in the phone (using the supplied cable) activesync starts trying to connect and it goes for about 1-2 minutes before it says that it couldn't connect.

if i put the usb connection to mass storage then it works, but the computer only sees the memory card.

I have many apps that I would like to install that require an activesync connection, not to mention that i'd like to have the option to sync my files on my brand new $250 phone (most expensive phone i've ever gotten!)

what am i doing wrong and how do i correct it?

thanks in advance!

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