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    Samsung is launching a mobile app contest which is called the "Bada Developers Challenge". This is one of Samsung's biggest contest ever for this year and offers $2.7 million in prizes. The Bada Developers Challenge has two rounds in which the first rounds began May 17 and it requires all those developers to develop one or more Bada apps to enter into the competition and must run in the simulator environment that is included in the Bada SDK.

    The second round will begin after three months and after Samsung has awarded 300 developers. The 300 developers who have won will receive Wave S8500 smartphones and will be cast into the second round which will feature these prizes:

    * $300,000 for “the Samsung bada Champion”
    * 7 First Place prizes of $100,000 each
    * 8 Second Place prizes of $60,000 each
    * 8 Third Place prizes of $40,000 each
    * 10 Special winner prizes (awarded to developers of small and highly optimized applications) of $30,000 each
    * 56 prizes of $8,000 each

    via: Blog | Samsung bada

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    everything now revolves around software. i need to get in the business

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