My girlfriend recently got her 5th Samsun Saga i770 phone (apparently a lot of problems with these phones). When they gave her the newest phone they specifically told her that she would need to, and this is her words, upgrade the drivers for the phone before she could use the modem in Windows XP.

I went to the Samsung website and downloaded the DB05 upgrade tool, which included the Samsung MiTs USB drivers. I installed the driver portion, and got the phone to work via Active Sync 4.5 but when I set the phone up to use the modem the Verizon Access utility won't see it as being connected. If I plug the modem into a Vista/7 computer I can use the modem and it works great.

What I'm trying to understand is do I really need to format the phone and do the DB05 upgrade to get this to work in XP? I thought the purpose of the upgrade was for Windows 7 support? Is there something I'm missing here? The phone works fine through Active Sync in windows XP, how do I get it to show up as a modem in the Verizon program?

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