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Hello world
If anyone has the Samsung forever it would appreciate an answer to my question ...
From the menu, phone setting, there are automatic lock ... (on or off)
I click off that when I use my phone and I finished, I clik on the button lock (the locks so the screen turns black) and when I want to reclike I reused the button lock and Rallu phone the screen has the main ...
In the file photo, a base there all the time any image already on the phone that can serve to be placed in Wallpapers ..
My question: When I clik on the button lock, one of these images can have the phone near apprait 4sec and is listed at the top to unlock Pessez button lock, and pares few seconds, the screen turns black and is locked ...
When I lock on repesse to unlock my phone, an image appears a dry and my main screen .. but the picture is not the same as when struts apparuit jai lock the phone ... He takes random pictures the phone ... it's never the same image that appears is always different .. (8 in such images that are already registered to the base into the phone in the file photo)

So those who have this phone, do you also when locking cest always a different image randomly and that appparait?? Thank you

the text seem long but take the time to read please vrm understanding I could write in his shortest
thank you

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