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    We’ve recently heard that Samsung is readying the QWERTY-equipped Galaxy S Pro, and it seems that this isn’t the only new Galaxy to come with a keyboard this year.

    Korea Times has it that a Samsung Galaxy Q is also in the making, and it will “be on American shelves by the end of year.”

    In addition to a full QWERTY keyboard, the Samsung Galaxy Q will unsurprisingly feature “advanced social media features.”

    While the Galaxy S Pro will be released via Sprint, it looks like the Galaxy Q might be launched via Verizon or AT&T (AT&T has already announced the Galaxy S-like Captivate).

    Reportedly, the Galaxy Q will compete with BlackBerries on the US market.

    Samsung plans to ship 18 million smartphones this year around the world, hoping to surpass HTC, and, in the long term, RIM too.

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