Just picked up a Samsung Gravity T from my T-Mobile store. I had a ghetto old phone before this one, so I have a steep learning curve.

As far as settings go, when I am looking at the home screen there are four icons at the bottom, which the manual refers to as the command bar. The manual says that settings are under menu > settings > command bar.

When I change those settings (turn the command bar off, for example) and then return to the home screen I don't see any changes. If I turn the command bar off then shouldn't those four icons be gone? I changed which icons should appear in the command bar, but the same four still show up no matter what: Dialing Contacts Messaging Web


Also, I added the T-mobile $10/mo unlimited web plan to my phone, but Google Maps and Social Buzz both give me error messages that I need an upgraded data plan. I called, and then chatted online with, customer service and other than telling me to reboot the phone they both just shrugged. These are applications that are pre-installed on the phone, shouldn't they work with the $10/mo plan?

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