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    Im thinking about buying

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    Re: Is the samsung exclaim any good

    No doubt it is good phone. Nokia exclaim is dual slider, call quality, picture quality is also good because of dual slider it is easy to use and its keyboard is comfortable.It is total user friendly.

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    Re: Is the samsung exclaim any good

    I have actually had the privilage to have the Samsung Exclaim for free for a few months before it came out to Sprint. It is an amazing phone and I highly recemend it. First I would like to inform you that Exclaim is the replacement for the Samsung Rant. The new Samsung Exclaim is built entirely around the messaging comunity. If you are a Sprint customer this is the best messaging device to get. It is a dual slider phone which is a rare type of phone on the market now! The Exclaim has large keys for easy fast messaging. And keeping up with your Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube is no problem for the Exclaim to handle. Sprints new One Click interface will help you stay connected with those sites. The Samsung Exclaim features a larger 2.6 inch screen display with rich and vibrant colors. It has a 2.0 megapixel camera/ camcorder (it takes excelent pics). Voice and call quality is very good. The speaker phone is loud and clear. The Samsung Exclaim is only featured in two different colors, blueberry (blue and black) and Raspberry (magenta and black). The phone is a bit thick but the rounded edges give it a comfortable fit in your hands, and you won't remember how thick it is. The cost of the Exclaim is not a very expensive but compared to other messaging phones from Sprint it is a bit more expensive. But I say the extra bucks are worth it! Trust me! You will not be disappointed with your new Samsung Exclaim!

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