my phone is samsung gt s5603. my new phone was working perfectly until i decided i wanted a black theme for my phone. i downloaded the black theme using tk file explorer.. finally when it was done i felt it was not good, and i wanted my old theme back. so i resetted my phone i.e menu>settings>reset settings> reset all. i got my old theme back. but in turn all the various alarms in my phone got deleted.. now the alarm icon is still ther on the home screen. and the alarm goes off at the time set before i started the whole "black theme" circus. i cant delete the alarms now because i cant see them anymore in alarm section. menu>alarms. i tried resetting the phone again but the alarm icon wont go.. in desperation i did drm reset as well (even though i donno wats tat).. i m so frustrated right now.. i m sure i ll do some thing worse to my phone if someone doesnt help me.. pls help me reset my phone to how it was before.. wat can i do to stop the alarm going offf.... pls pls help me.. need it badly..

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