Dear Fellow Droidsters,

I am done. It's over. Kaput! I will be receiving 2 new phones Fedexed overnight from Verizon Wireless tomorrow. How this happened is one for the books!!

I don't have to tell you the numerous problems we Moment owners have had to endure with our phones. About a week ago my phone began to freeze up, shut off, some of the programs would not work at all. It dawned on me that since my first Moment (have exchanged twice-both Moments; mine and my wife's) the large amount of time I have spent making trips to the local Sprint store, calls to Sprint tech support, searching this forum, all in an attempt to correct problems was insanely unacceptable.

When I realized the lost time both Moments have caused me, I decided to call Sprint. I explained to the lady, in more detail than I am laying out here, all my woes with the Samsung Moment(s). She told me that they would gladly replace our Moments with 2 more Moments. I told her that I am fed up with this phone and want another model. She said the only way I could do that was to pay full retail. I then responded by asking to be connected to anyone who could close my Sprint account. She connected me to a gentleman who assured me that I had a legitimate complaint and if I would hold on he would get satisfaction for me.

He came back on the line and said that all he could do was replace it with another Moment. I said then please tell me what to do to close my account. He responded, "But you have been a Sprint customer for 10 years and we don't want to lose your business." He then turned me over to his supervisor. THIS IS WHERE IT GETS 'GOOD.' She told me that there was no way I could have any phone except a Moment. I would have to pay full price. She then informed my that my contract had expired. I said if she would give me a different model phone (HTC) for the advertised web price, I WOULD RENEW MY CONTRACT FOR ANOTHER 2 YEARS. She not only told me NO, but she then, AS GOD IS MY WITNESS, proceeded to tell me how to port my Sprint phone numbers to Verizon Wireless and who to call at Sprint afterward and what to tell them!!!!

Ten years as a Sprint customer and I was never late once with a payment. But when I got a problematic phone, their only suggestion was wait until you are eligible for an upgrade or pay full price for a different phone. Offering to renew my contract meant NOTHING to them.

If you find this story hard to believe, imagine how incredulous I was as she explained how to take my business elsewhere. Well...I did.

So good bye to my fellow Moment owning buddies. I wish you all the very best.

Lafayette, LA

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