I recently got a Samsung a-177 as a gift. I got an unlock code for it and did the unlock for any network. After i typed in the code it said the Network lock was removed, other words the phone was unlocked. Then I tried putting in my T-Mobile SIM card and it asked me for a "Lock SIM Card" number or password. I'm not really sure what it actually means. Is this a code that was set on the phone by default or a code I should have from my SIM card. I switched phones to an actual T-Mobile phone and checked if i had a SIM pin but I hadn't changed it and as a matter of fact the SIM pin was disabled. I then enabled it to see if it would make a difference but the only difference was that before asking me for the "Lock SIM Card" password it asked me for my SIM pin. I entered it and once again i got the message of "Lock SIM Card" I'm not really sure of what to do now. Does this mean my phone is just permanently locked and can't be used. Also I tried a AT&T SIM card and it asked for the same thing (Lock SIM Card) I don't know what else to try. I'd appreciate the help. Thanks.

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