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[GPS] Sygic 7.72 gps tested this, but apparently it ta td enjoying world.
I will upload the links and images, sounds promising!
"Great program, all in Portuguese (BR), with a voice also in Portuguese, this program has the advantage of seeming to be more precise in location will. I really liked the rendering of images, which were very fast even in 3D mode.
In the navigation screen is displayed, in addition to the map, its location, nearby POIs, distance remaining to reach, signs indicating the speed of the road and a series of options. An interesting feature is the fact that you can easily configure what you want to see on the screen through templates.
Another positive point is the configuration of alternative routes. This option you can tell that there are barriers to a certain distance to the route recalculation.
The program back a few extras such as information from other countries, world clock, presentation of position & # 227, the satellites and other things.
The program is excellent and at various points exceeds the Garmin. "
Sygic Mobile Installation Tutorial
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Sygic Mobile 7.72
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how to install:
Sygic Mobile 7.72

Unzip the file-Sygic Mobile 7.72.7z
-Enter the folder Sygic Mobile 7.72
2577-Copy, Drive, Maps, Res, and MoDaCoSmartphoneGPSActivatorCO
Paste-all in the Storage Card (Without putting into any folder)
Between-in memory card
-Between 2577 folder and click Autorun
-Click Continue
-Click I Agree
Clear-Run now
-Click OK
-Enter the memory card and install the "MoDaCoSmartphoneGPSActivatorCO"
-Restart your phone
-From the Start Menu
-Enter the Sygic MOBILE
-Select the map "America"
Between-in configurations
Between-GPS Hardware
-Click Auto-detect
-Click OK
-To change the language from the Settings> Set Language
-Ready, complete installation and program working!

Never forget to turn off the GPS assistance to not risk connecting to the internet.
How to turn off the GPS assistance (in the phone menu):
Start> Settings> GPS> GPS Assistance For> Disconnect

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