I want to Buy the Bell Samsung Galaxy s and as a portable word-processor with no contract. I don't even want it to function as a phone at all.
I will buy it with no contract.

1) Will the Galaxy S phone load up and let me Download apps on Wi-Fi without ever getting a data plan and inserting a sim?

2) If I MUST get a sim from Bell, and a Data plan for a month or two (No contract phone) to program up the phone and download the the apps I want etc. Then after a few moths let that data plan expire- Can I still use the phones Word-processing apps I downloaded? Will I be able to just run it on Wi-fi for email, and surfing after that - without any phone functionality of any kind?

Basically I want the phone to work like the IPOD touch 3 gen would work - with wi-fi (Which is what I am using now for word-processing at sea and it's ideal portable - Ipad is too big for my needs) . I want the Galaxy S simply because it has a little bigger screen and I can buy a few more batteries, and change the batteries to keep me going. while away from the office at sea for several days.

3) Can you cut & paste across all applications. Like from email, or webpage into an office app like Quickoffice, or documents to go, Or C&P text from Quickoffice doc and paste it into my blog?

Crazy Question I know.

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