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    I have a new Samsung Alias 2 on the Verizon network and it keeps downsizing the pictures every time that I try to send them to another phone or email them to myself. I've searched the manual, the forum and the God of Google and have found nothing. In a desperate attempt, I put in a MicroSD card and changed the settings to save to the card, but with no luck.

    Is there some sort of setting that I'm just missing or is this a limitation of the network or phone?

    Thank you

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    Re: How do stop the automatic downsizing of photos when sending?

    when sending a text with a photo, it either downsizes the photo, or doesn't send it, its a VERIZON system thing.

    Email is best way to send quality photos/videos. Text messaging needs the video attachment to be set at a low resolution, and a photo to be resized. If you take a to high of resolution photo, it can't resize it, and you'll get a error message (can't send).
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    Re: How do stop the automatic downsizing of photos when sending?

    Whether aepple's solution works depends on your phone, I suppose. I have this problem with my LG VX5600 Accolade whether I sent the photo to a phone number or to an e-mail address. I believe the reason is that my phone only knows how to send text messages via SMS and cannot sent e-mail via SMTP. More technical information may be found here.

    I have yet to find ANY way to get the photos out of my phone at the same resolution the phone holds them. I tried hooking up a USB cable to no avail... I just cant get at the pictures from my PC that way. Any solutions please tell me.

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