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    Cell Phone
    Samsung Stride SCH-r330 Red
    Samsung Stride SCH-r330 from US Cellular, brand new.
    My friend gave me a USB 2.0 data cable for it and the software CD (not OEM).
    I also have downloaded and installed: Samsung PC Studio 3.2.3, BitPim 1.0.7, and Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5.0.
    The PC is Running XP Pro, SP3.
    I can't get the PC to detect and access the phone. I've tried 4 different USB ports on the PC, but none of these programs detect it. The phone does charge, though, via the data cable. The PC's Device Manager shows no problems.
    The phone's manual doesn't specify how to transfer the pix from the phone to a PC, just mentions Bluetooth.
    Does anyone have this specific phone, or know what I'm doing wrong? Is it even possible to transfer the pix with this model?

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    Re: Stride SCH-r330 transfer pix help!

    I think it is a lost cause - a real shame that one cannot get the pix off in bulk so that you can easily archive them on the PC. I do land surveying and take many pix while working to log in the position of survey markers, features near them, and other related pix notations that are used in the process of doing a survey. I have other phones like the Treo smart phone that works the best so that I can either sync with the cable or take the easy to access SD card out of the side and copy, cut, paste, from/to it. I make sure that every phone does that before I buy it and make the store salesperson show me a demo to make sure they are telling the truth or know what they are selling. This Samsung Stride was free with the HTC from U.S. Cellular so I did not expect it to be very good and the camera is pretty much useless unless you can somehow easily transfer pix.

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