I am shopping for a new cell phone and am looking at a few different Samsung models. I am not getting a smartphone. My previous phone was the Sony Ericsson and it also had a proprietary jack where everything (charger, head phones, usb cords) had to be plugged into with an adapter. That was my only issue with the Ericsson--about 18 months into my contract I started having a very difficult time getting things to connect to the phone. I switched adapters and that helped for a while but eventually that one would fail too. It got to the point where there was no way to charge my phone so I had to get one of those go phones to sue until my contract is up (next month!!!)

So my question is whether or not people have had similar experiences with the Samsung proprietary jack? The Sony one was super delicate and unplugging it from the phone made me nervous because you had to snap it down--much like the motion made when snapping a twig--to unhook it.

There are some Samsung phones out there that I really like and I am not sure if all have the proprietary jack or not. I would welcome any advise on the matter.

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