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    I have a puny Samsung a167 phone with a minibrowser. Sometimes when I enter text into a Google or Yahoo search box, and press the Down Arrow, the text will disappear or will revert back to the previous text I entered and I'll have to enter it again. It only happens once every 15-20 times. There doesn't seem to be a pattern as to when or why this happens.

    Have you seen this happen and know anything about it?

    Details: when this problem happens, it does not redraw the entire page. It happens after I pressed the Down Arrow in order to press the Search button. It's acting as if I pressed and held the clear button, but I'm not doing that.

    Could it have to do with the scripts used on the Google home page?

    I tried it by entering search texts over and over. About once every 15 times, it happens. I did it the same way each time.

    See More: Text in Text box disappears - SGH-A167
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