What are the new in the box factory settings on these phones??? I already gave up my Motorola Qa4 Evoke (hey, it's 3G....and I liked that phone just fine) due to the knowlege that I was hacked into by my bf but not sure.....come to find out I was right. I thought getting rid of the "smart phone" would solve my problem, but I think he is in to the cheapo Samsung too.

Here's what I got:

Mobile Browser
Universal Edition
(c) Copyright Myriad
Group AG 1995-2009

Encryption by RSA data security.

Certificate Information:

1) verisign inc
2) gte corporation
3) geotrust Inc.
4) geotrust inc
5) equifax
6) gte corporation
7) entrust.net
8) rsa data security, inc
9) equifax secure, inc.
10 ) verisign, inc

I found a "VIP Access" Download running on his Verizon mobile and from what I gathered it has something to do with "Verisign" and "certificates".....just in case that is helpful info and pertinent to my question.

Thanks a bunch!

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